Round Animals That Will Make Circles Your New Favorite Shape

Animals | 9/9/19

Let’s all say it together — we love our cuddly animals. The fluffier the better on the internet because we just eat that kind of cute stuff right up. This is a list of the cuddliest and roundest little sweethearts in the animal kingdom that will have you running directly to your nearest petting zoo.

We present to you round animals! Adorable creatures with hair, fur, and bodies that will have your hands reaching towards the screen trying to hug them. We’ll give you this list but not any screen wipes for your fingerprints, sorry.

This Happy Round Boy With A Fresh New ‘Do!

happy circle dog
Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram
Photo Credit: @round.animals / Instagram

There’s only one thing better than a round dog — a happy round dog! This little fella became just that after his owners took him to the groomers for a fresh new fur-style. This happy camper was certainly feeling his look as he smiled for the cameras.

He looks like an actual cloud. Maybe a smoky cloud, but still a soft cloud nonetheless. Hopefully, someone has a leash and collar handy to get on him just in case he floats away.