Athletes Who Support President Trump Aren’t As Rare As You’d Think

athletes | 10/30/18

Since becoming President, Donald Trump has become an incredibly controversial figure in the sports community. This is one of the first times since we can remember where athletes have taken sides — and not all have taken the side of the left. It will surprise you how many athletes stand on the right behind President Trump. These are those athletes. From all-time greats like Jim Brown to modern day superstars like Tom Brady, Trump has plenty of champions in his ring. Here are just a select view for your reading pleasure.

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Clay Bucholz Got Married On Trump’s Tab

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In 2016, two time World Series champion pitcher Clay Bucholz publicly endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States. Seven years before that, the now-34-year-old pitcher got married to Deal or No Deal model Lindsay Clubine at Trump National Golf Club in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA.

Trump introduced Bucholz to Lindsay at an event in 2008. To help with his friend’s wedding, Trump “footed a significant bulk of the tab.” He was unfortunately unable to attend the event because of a prior arrangement.

Tom Brady Is Close Friends With Trump

Donna Connor/WireImage

While Tom Brady never officially endorsed Donald Trump, he is known to be close friends with him. When a “Make America Great Again” hat was spotted in Brady’s locker, he was coy about his political leanings, only saying, “Donald is a good friend of mine.”

Brady first met Trump in 2002, when the former Real Estate Magnate asked the Super Bowl-winning quarterback to help judge the 2002 Miss USA pageant. Since then, the two have been spotted playing golf and attending high profile events together.

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Adrien Broner Is a Believer

Elsa/Getty Images

Boxing star Adrien Broner put the weight of his fists behind Trump in 2016, saying, “Everything he’s saying is crazy, but everything he’s saying is correct.” Since starting his boxing career in 2008. Broner has won 33 matches and only lost three.

Broner has credited boxing as saving him from a life on the streets. He grew up in Ohio and began fighting at six years old. His passion for the sport never died, and neither has his passion for our President. In 2018, he publicly re-endorsed Trump on one of his social media accounts.

Mike Ditka Loves The Fire In Trump’s Belly

Bill McCay/WireImage

Mike Ditka was the first tight end ever inducted in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He finished his career with 427 receptions, 5,812 yards, and 43 touchdowns. As a head coach with the Bears and Saints, he won the Super Bowl and his teams were feared throughout the league.

There was a fire in Ditka’s belly to win games. He saw that same fire in Donald Trump’s belly when he endorsed him for President remarking Trump, “has the fire in his belly to make America great again, and probably do it the right way.”

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Richie Incognito Sees Himself In Trump

Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images

Richie Incognito had a reputation for being tough during his NFL career. Before retiring he was elected to four Pro Bowls. When Donald Trump was running for President, Incognito saw that same toughness in the nominee, even saying, “Having that tough attitude where you put America first and everyone’s thinking we’re the greatest nation in the world.”

Incognito also tweeted about attending a rally for Trump, writing, “On my way to the @realDonaldTrump rally. Let’s make America great again!!!” In 2018, the former offensive lineman continued his praise for Trump, calling his meeting with Putin a power play.

Hulk Hogan Wanted To Be Vice President

Jeffrey Asher/ Getty Images

Hulk Hogan was one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters during the President’s campaign. He was such a fan, he even offered to be the Commander in Chief’s Vice President. Could you imagine if Trump and Hogan joined forces at rallies together?

The notion isn’t actually as far-fetched as it seems. Before becoming President, Trump made appearances for WWE. His ties to the league would have given Hogan a way to plead his case. Of course, Hogan didn’t get his way and Trump chose Mike Pence as his Vice President.

Terrell Owens Stands Behind The President

George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

In 2015, Terrell Owens proclaimed from the rooftops that Trump “may be what the country needs.” The Hall of Fame wide receiver, who is known for being emotional during his career, also isn’t afraid to criticize his presidential pick when he sees fit.

After Trump un-invited the Eagles from their White House trip for winning the Super Bowl, Owens said, “I’m sure it wasn’t him uninviting the Eagles. I’m sure they didn’t wanna go! So, how does he uninvite people that didn’t wanna go?! Come on dog, let’s keep it real!”

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Dennis Rodman Tweeted His Support

Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Few athletes have ever been as flamboyant as Dennis Rodman. The Bulls legend was known for his quirky personality and colorful hair. In 2016, he also became known for his political affiliations, tweeting his support for Donald Trump, citing the fact that he “has been a great friend for many years.”

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason Rodman said he believed in Trump. He also said, “we don’t need another politician, we need a businessman like Mr. Trump! Trump 2016.”

Herschel Walker Works For Trump

Oliver Contreras-Pool/Getty Images

NFL legend Herschel Walker called Donald Trump his front-runner in 2016. When Trump won the election, he paid Walker back in kind, naming him a co-chair on his sports advisory council. He shares the position with New York Yankees great Mariano Rivera and Volleyball icon Misty May-Treanor.

Together, the trio will work to help the United States government promote programs to convince Americans to “adopt a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity and good nutrition.”

Johnny Damon Sees Trump As First Class

D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Johnny Damon played for the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. In 2004, he helped break the “Curse of the Bambino” and won the first World Series for Boston in over 100 years. In 2009, he repeated the feat with the New York Yankees.

In 2015, Damon worked his magic for Trump, too, saying, “I’m a Trump fan ever since I met him seven or eight years ago. Everything he does, he does first-class – his hotels, his businesses, his golf courses. The issues all the other politicians failed to discuss, [Trump] is bringing us up to speed.”

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Matt Light Got Into Politics Because Of Trump

Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/Getty Images

In 2015, former New England Patriot offensive lineman Matt Light was invited to speak at an invitation-only Donald Trump rally in Massachusetts. Before the event, Light had refused to get into politics. At the event his message was simple, “I’m for common sense.”

Light added that he never believed there was a reason for him to get political until Trump decided to run for President. One year later, Light criticized NFL players for kneeling during the National Anthem, a practice that Trump also heavily criticized.

Nick Mangold Campaigned For Trump

Bobby Bank/WireImage

Nick Mangold is one of the few athletes who has always been political and has never been afraid to show it. In 2012, he openly campaigned on behalf of Republican candidate Mitt Romney. Four years later he showed Donald Trump the same love.

Mangold introduced Trump at a rally in Ohio, calling the then-nominee “number one at his position.” He also praised Trump as being a great person. Oddly enough, Mangold’s employer, Woody Johnson, supported Republican rival Jeb Bush during the 2016 election.

Mike Tyson Likes Trump’s Story

Jean Catuffe/GC Images

When asked why he was voting for Donald Trump, Mike Tyson responded, “A guy that came from where he came from and doing what he’s doing? And now this is where he’s at now… Why wouldn’t anybody like that?” Tyson was referring to Trump’s story of his modest upbringing.

Tyson also defended Trump’s rhetoric in the interview, particularly about his statements towards other races, saying, “People are bad in all parts of the ethnic world.” After Trump was elected, the former boxing great openly asked when he would get pardoned for a 1992 crime conviction, saying Trump promised him.

John Daly Likes Trump’s Swing

Stuart Franklin/Getty Images

John Daly is very close friends with Donald Trump. The pair plays golf together and is close enough that Daly can even make fun of the President. Speaking about playing golf with several presidents, Daly said Trump was only second best. Who was the best he ever played with? George Bush Sr., of course!

Daly was also clear to point out that he doesn’t keep score when he plays with Trump, saying, “We go out and have a good time. We just talk about family and stuff like that. We don’t talk politics.”

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John Rocker Appreciates Trump’s Honesty

Sporting News via Getty Images

Retired all-star Braves closer John Rocker had a lot to say about Donald Trump when he was running for President. Most notably, he commended Trump’s honestly, saying, “I wish someone, excuse the frankness here, would have the [omitted], would have the backbone to make unpopular comments.”

Rocker is no stranger to unpopular comments. During the peak of his career, he found himself in hot water after speaking poorly of New York subway travelers. The comments were so controversial that his career was ruined. It took him years to reshape his image.

Jesse Ventura Would Get Political With Trump


During Donald Trump’s campaign, Hulk Hogan wasn’t the only wrestler offering to be his Vice President. Jesse “The Body” Ventura put his name in the ring too, saying, “If Donald Trump were to ask me to be his running mate. I would give it very serious consideration.”

In 1999, Ventura was elected the Governor of Minnesota. He served in the role for four years. His political experience surely made him a serious candidate to be Vice President. Unfortunately, Ventura is most closely associated with the Reform Party, not the Republican Party.

Latrell Sprewell Can’t Decide

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Latrell Sprewell almost made his political affiliations known in 2016 after tweeting congratulations to Donald Trump after he won the primary in Nevada. Sprewell quickly deleted the tweet, but as they say, “once it’s on the internet, it never goes away.”

During his NBA career, Sprewell played for the Warriors, Knicks, and Timberwolves. He was named an all-star four times and made the All-NBA First Team once. He never won a title and retired with 16,712 career points scored.

Chael Sonnen Is a Huge Supporter Of Trump

Desiree Navarro/WireImage

Former UFC middleweight fighter Chael Sonnen knows politics. The fighter keeps a close eye on the world and everything happening in it. He’s even considering his own run for political office one day. Until then, he’s just fine being one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters.

The reason Sonnen is such a big fan is that he believes Trump has changed the lens of politics in the country, saying, “There’s one word to sum it up and it’s courage. He has courage. There’s a courage in running for president, there’s also a huge ego involved, there’s a few things that you need to be a political candidate.”

Shawne Merriman Knows Trump Better Than Everyone Else

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Known as “Lights Out” during his NFL career, former linebacker Shawne Merriman believes the outside world doesn’t understand Donald Trump. Speaking with TMZ, he said Trump has “Always been a good friend” and someone he could call at any time. Merriman believes these qualities make Trump a perfect candidate.

Since retiring, Merriman has flirted with several new sporting ventures, including NASCAR and bare-knuckle fighting. He co-owns Jesse Iwuji’s number 36 NASCAR vehicle and has been contracted by the World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation to appear in at least one fight in the future.

Tito Ortiz Believes In Trump’s Rebuild

Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Tito Ortiz, a former UFC fighter, put all of his light-heavyweight build behind Donald Trump during the 2016 election. He believed that Trump’s ability to turn past failures into successes made him the best candidate “to rebuild himself to be a billionaire and now to become almost the President of the United States, it’s amazing.”

Originally from Huntington Beach, California, Ortiz built himself up from nothing. He thinks the United States is in the same position he was and thinks Trump “can make America great again. That’s my vote for him”