These Star Athletes Are The Highest Paid Of 2018

athletes | 6/26/18

Being a professional athlete comes with a lot of perks. Not only do you get to do what you love for as long as your body allows, but money seemingly falls into your bank account. Players like Roger Federer and Lionel Messi can retire today and remain set for life. Those are two of the names that earned a spot for top-earning athletes for 2018. Go through the list and find out for yourself how much the top earners really made. The second highest and third highest money makers combined don’t even pass the top money-getter.

Nadal, The Greatest Clay Player – $41.4 M

Rindoff Petroff/Suu/Getty Images
Rindoff Petroff/Suu/Getty Images

Being a good tennis player goes a long way. Running back and forth taking a swipe at a tiny green ball has helped Rafael Nadal become the 20th highest paid athlete. If you’re wondering if the 32-year-old deserves it, he does.

Tallying up wins at the French Open and U.S. Open, Nadal broke a three-year Grand Slam title slump in 2017. Nadal brought in $14.4 M with salary and winnings money. Add in a cool $27 million from endorsements, and he’s sitting pretty.