These Superstar Athletes Have The Best Pets! Someone Even Has A Camel…

athletes | 11/5/18

They’re already your favorite athletes, now imagine them with adorable pets. Aaron Rodgers taking a selfie with his tongue out to match his dog’s is something everyone should see. Not only that, but one of the most popular players in the NBA decided not to get a dog and brought home a camel instead! That’s probably the wildest pet you will see here but, mixing superstars and animals is a must-see. Just like us, these talented athletes absolutely adore their pets!

Steph Curry With Rookie

Taking a stroll the park was already hard enough for Steph Curry as one of the most famous and popular NBA players. After March of 2017, the experience became ten times harder after he and the family acquired their ten-week-old dog, Rookie. His daughter Riley is already the life of the party amd adding a dog to the fray should be interesting.

“We got to meet our new baby boy last night! The girls named him ROOKIE! 10 weeks-ish old! Couldn’t be more fitting. He has my eyes lol,” Ayesha Curry said on her Instagram. “Our other boy Reza is thrilled to have a playmate.”