Everything You Need To Know About Each Tailgate Site In The NFL

football | 1/29/19

There’s nothing quite like going to an NFL game in person, but the stadium atmosphere isn’t the only exciting part. Certain NFL stadiums promote tailgating where their respective fan bases take full advantage of the experience. Others, whether due to size or location, have alienated their fans, forcing them to party elsewhere. If your goal in life is to attend every NFL stadium, this will serve as a guide from start to finish.

Mile High Stadium

Dustin Bradford/Getty Images
Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Despite the cold and a high altitude, this is a fun place to tailgate. It’s so great that Broncos fans get started as early as 8 A.M. Plus, there are so many great breweries in town, it’s an ideal place to check out for craft beer lovers.

All fans with a game-day ticket are welcome to come to the Mile High Mountain Village. It’s full of free food, drinks, and screens with all the other games going on so you never miss a beat.