The NFL’s Greatest One-Hit-Wonders Of All-Time

football | 8/21/19

The NFL can be a harsh mistress for players looking to make their careers on between the hash marks. For every Tom Brady there are even more Derek Andersons; players who found one of two years of success before everything came crashing down.

These one-hit-wonders took the NFL by storm before disappearing like the clouds they rode in on. Only the best of the best one-year wonders players made this list. How many do you remember?

Larry Brown – MVP

larry brown nfl one hit wonders
Joseph Patronite/Getty Images
Joseph Patronite/Getty Images

Larry Brown played for the Dallas Cowboys for five seasons in the early ’90s. In one of those seasons, he made scouts league-wide turn heads, helping lead the team to Super Bowl XXX and being named the big game’s MVP when the final whistle blew.

The year that preceded Brown’s Super Bowl fame was pretty good, too. He intercepted six passes and scored two touchdowns. The performance was enough for the Oakland Raiders to sign him away from Dallas. In three years Brown started one game as a Raider and was released in 1998.