The Cleveland Browns Are The Best Team No One Is Talking About

football | 10/9/18
Joe Robbins/Getty Images

After two seasons where the Cleveland Browns went a combined 1-31, no one wants to admit what’s starting to look obvious in 2018; the Browns might actually be good. With two wins under their belts, both by Baker Mayfield (one start, one in relief of Tyrod Taylor), the hapless Browns finally look like something is happening.

If you’re a Browns’ fan you might not want to jinx it, but with John Dorsey in place as the GM and quarterback under center with all the potential in the world, it’s time to start going to games again. If you ask us, the biggest thing holding Cleveland back at this point is the head coach. Hue Jackon may have survived the regime change after the 2017 season, but his seat isn’t exactly cold.

Another losing season should cost him his job. Heck, any result that isn’t a spot in the playoffs should cost Jackson his job. Once this season is over, the head coaching job in Cleveland is going to be one of the most sought after in the league. Holding on to Hue, a coach with a track record of roster mismanagement, would absolutely, without question, be the first bad decision made by John Dorsey.

Taking all this in, it’s surprising no one is talking about how surprising the Cleveland Browns have been this season. Most of what we’ve read is criticisms of the teams that have “played down” to them and lost as a result. We’re saying it’s time to flip the script. Teams must start taking the Browns seriously. Maybe not this year, but next year for sure, and maybe even the next decade.