The Double Doink Heard ‘Round The World

football | 1/7/19

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Nick Foles and the Eagles survived and absolute dog fight in Wild Card playoff game against the Bears. Chicago kicker Cody Parkey double doinked a game winning field goal off two uprights, allowing the improbable story of Nick Foles to continue.

When the game started, Foles looked human, throwing two interceptions and missing a number of easy throws. Philadelphia’s defense kept the team in the game, stifling second year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

By modern standards, the defensive fight was boring, but anyone who tuned out early missed a drama filled ending. With under a minute to play, Foles did it again, tossing a two yard, fourth down touchdown to Golden Tate. After a failed two point conversion, Philly lead 16-15.

Bears’ returner Tarik Cohen took the kickoff 35 yards, setting up an easy drive for Chicago to get into field goal range. A 25-yard dime by Trubisky to Allen Robinson followed, leaving the game to fall on Parkey’s shoulders.

His first attempt was good, sailing perfectly through the middle of the uprights. Unfortunately for him, the Eagles called a timeout just before the snap. His second attempt doinked off the left upright, then doinked again off the bottom upright before landing back in the field of play. It was the 11th kick this year that Parkey doinked, but it was his first double doink.