The Most Bizarre NFL Scandals Of All Time

football | 1/29/19

It can take a lot to break through the media bubble, but some of the most shocking NFL scandals are also some of the most bizarre. These are professional football players or football teams that go out of their way to break the rules both on and off the field.

From dogfighting rings to weird confessions of love during sideline interviews to murders, the NFL has had to deal with it all. In some cases, the matter could be dealt with internally, while others had to involve law enforcement. Nonetheless, these stories are confusing, intriguing, and just down right brutal in some cases.


Adam Glanzman/Getty Images
Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

You’re going to be seeing the New England Patriots quite a bit on this list. The most recent accusation comes from the Pittsburgh Steelers, who say that they were toying with their headsets during a game at Gillette Stadium.

The Steelers say that their headsets were only receiving New England Patriot broadcasts and they weren’t able to talk to themselves. They claim that every time they would ask a league official to come and check it out the broadcasts would magically disappear.