These NFL Teams Regret Not Drafting These Players

football | 1/21/19

Every Super Bowl champion has to build through the draft. Take for instance the dominant Chicago Bears team of 1985 who went on to win the Lombardi Trophy, or the San Francisco 49ers, wouldn’t have been dominant if they didn’t trade up to draft Joe Montana.

That’s why it’s fun to look back at star players that NFL teams are kicking themselves for passing up on. While every team passed up on Tom Brady multiple times, a few players slipped just one spot too far and went on to haunt those teams for years to come.

Arizona Cardinals: Justin Houston

Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images
Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

The Cardinals drafted LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson with the fifth pick in 2011. Later in that same draft, the team selected tight end Rob Housler with the 69th pick. Right after him, the Kansas City Chiefs went for Justin Houston.

Peterson is an eight-time Pro Bowler, but Houston has been a significant factor in helping the Chiefs reach the postseason. If the Cardinals held out for Houston, there’s no denying how well he could have been with Peterson.