“The Blind Side” Showed A Side Of Michael Oher He Had Never Seen Before

football | 7/17/19

Michael Oher’s story of resilience to become a professional football player is as inspiring as it is heartbreaking. Growing up with a mother who was barely there for him, Oher’s life changed when he turned 16 and met the Tuohy family. Finding focus on the gridiron, Oher became a top draft pick by the Baltimore Ravens.

Oher’s harrowing story was put on film with the 2009 release of The Blind Side. The Oscar-nominated movie was hailed for its handling of the story while also being criticized for the things it got wrong. Here is how the movie compares to the real-life story, including some things Oher had to say about it.

The Film Was A Huge Hit

the-blind-side was a major hit
Warner Bros./The Blind Side
Warner Bros./The Blind Side

Released in 2009, The Blind Side made was a massive hit. Audiences loved the film about Michael Oher’s struggles to make it to the NFL. Quinton Aaron starred in the movie as the big man, while Sandra Bullock made waves with her performance as Leigh Anne Tuohy, the woman who sees the potential in him.

The movie, directed by John Lee Hancock, made $255 million at the American box office. Before becoming a hit film, Oher’s life was chronicled in the book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game written by Michael Lewis.