These Players Answered What It’s Really Like To Win The Super Bowl

football | 1/25/19

What does it take to win the Super Bowl? Who has what it takes? Only a select few know the answers to these questions and can explain what it’s like to win the big game. Is there a rush of emotions, does anxiety take over, and what does your family think? Those who haven’t won and people who aren’t even NFL players can ponder all they want, but now we know. Here’s what its like to win a Super Bowl, straight from the athletes who have done it.

Clark Was Scared

ryan clark
Chris McGrath/Getty Images
Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Once you make it to the Super Bowl, you’re going to face the stiffest competition of your career. No matter how much footage you watch on your opponents, you can expect for them to perform at their best under the bright lights. Ryan Clark feared watching the game slip away from the Steelers’ hands.

“It was me and Troy [Polamalu] on the field, just grateful that Larry Fitzgerald didn’t get one last chance to embarrass us,” Clarke said. “Man, I was so scared. You’re just excited you didn’t lose it.”