Of Course They Went Viral! Who Could Forget These Inspiring Olympic Moments?

sports | 1/10/19

With everything moving so fast these days thanks to the help of social media, moments become viral more quickly than ever. For athletes, this is especially true since they’re already in the spotlight so often showcasing their incredible talents. Then, you factor in the Olympics which features the most exceptional athletes across the globe. You might see decades-long world records broken or a tragic loss from a champion. From heartbreaking to phenomenal, these are the Olympic moments that left folks in awe.

McKayla Who?

McKayla Rose Maroney
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

This Olympic athlete made meme history during the 2012 Summer Olympics. Her name is McKayla Rose Maroney and she was apart of the Fierce Five team that featured Gabby Douglas. The former gold medal winner ended up retiring in 2016.

Despite the early retirement, people from around the world still talk her up as if what she did took place yesterday. It’s quite astounding. We’ll recap you on the most famous moments that made her a global icon!