Athletes Who Bailed Out And Went To The Dark Side To Join A Rival

Trending | 6/7/18

It’s hard to imagine an athlete playing for their arch rival. In the world of sports, loyalty is right up there with natural talent, a passion to win, and desirable assets. However, nothing is more disloyal than bailing out to suit up for your former team’s bitter rival. Re ember the time when LeBron James left Cleveland to take his talents to South Beach? That was rough.

There have been a few circumstances that make the whole bailing-out thing more understandable, like getting cut or being released by your team. Outside of that, fans will never give love to players who join a rival for the sake of winning a championship or the belief that management never gave them true appreciation.

Dennis The Menace

Photo Credit: Focus On Sport/ Getty Images & Jeff Haynes/ Getty Images
Photo Credit: Focus On Sport/ Getty Images & Jeff Haynes/ Getty Images

Dennis Rodman was among the baddest of the Bad Boys during his time with the Detroit Pistons. Winning back-to-back titles with the team in 1989 and 1990, the Pistons held off Michal Jordan’s Bulls for years, and oftentimes it resorted to tactics that were known as “The Jordan Rules”.

After a brief stint in San Antonio, Rodman found his way to Chicago. It was really awkward, and despite enjoying success with the Bulls, he never made friends in the Windy City. His tantrums and antics would be tough to handle in Chicago, but they won some more championships regardless.