He’s Doing What?! These Former Athletes Have Some Unexpected Jobs

Trending | 6/8/18

For professional athletes, the glory days come and go. The majority aren’t able to hold onto their wealth and be a lucrative public figure like Michael Jordan or David Beckham. Once an athlete retires, he or she better hope a solid financial plan was put in place. If not, they may end up working a job behind a counter to keep the lights on. Here are some of your favorite former athletes in their new jobs. You won’t believe what some of them are up to.

Golden Boy Oscar

oscar-de-la-hoya-retirement-from-boxing-27155 (1)

The former 10-time world champion in six weight divisions wasn’t done with boxing once he retired. With accolades like that, it would be tough for anyone to leave behind something they were so talented at. He had a tough and remarkable rivalry with Floyd Mayweather and the two are still competing but now with their promotional firms.

Oscar De La Hoya has Golden Boy Promotions Inc. (Golden Boy was also his nickname) where he promotes the fighters he has signed. It was established in 2002 and became the first Hispanic owned boxing promotion company.