These Animals Have Incredible And Unique Markings

Animals | 10/18/19

You’ve seen tabby cats and labradoodles and horses of different colors, but have you ever seen a dog that looks like it has a mustache or a cat that looks like it has a monkey on its back? Nature can come up with some pretty weird stuff when it’s left to its own devices.

Some of the unique animal markings on this list are downright awe-inspiring. Keep reading to see the very best of what nature has to offer when it comes to animals that are unlike any others.

Is There A Monkey On This Cat’s Back?

This cat seems to be looking over her shoulder at what looks like a monkey on her back. The head of the monkey shaped marking is rust to the right of the cat’s head, and the monkey’s arm is under the cat’s chin.

Interestingly, the monkey and the cat share a black tail. Having a cat like this is almost like having two pets in one, except you don’t actually have to deal with a monkey in your house.