These Breeds Make The Best Guard Dogs

Animals | 3/24/20

For the most part, we love dogs because they make loyal, loving companions. We don’t need them to do anything except cuddle up with us on the couch while we binge Netflix shows or cry over a breakup. Even though dogs make perfect companions now, they have been used as fierce guide dogs in the past. If you are looking to feel a little bit more protected at home, you might want to look into the breeds on this list.

Read on for a variety of breeds that live to keep their people safe.

Doberman Pinschers

Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images
Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images

Doberman Pinschers look very intimidating, even if they are softies at heart. They have excellent muscle definition, and they look like they know how to stand up for themselves and their families.

Dobermans are fearless and will gladly stand up to anyone or anything they deem threatening. These loyal dogs are eager to please and love to spend time exercising with their owners, which also keeps them in shape for any task, no matter how dangerous.