These Puppy Fails Are Why We Love Dogs

Animals | 1/16/20

Dogs are certainly noble creatures, but every now and again they get themselves into situations that are embarrassing, messy, silly, or downright hilarious. Dogs can’t be perfect little ladies and gentlemen all the time. Sometimes they need to cut loose, roll around in the mud, or get into trouble. Animals in very compromising situations are always sort of hilarious to see (as long as everybody is safe).

Behold: some of the funniest puppy fails you’ve ever seen. You probably didn’t even know that puppies could fail this hard.

When Training Comes In Handy

How does this even happen? Did this puppy gather up all of those coins and papers and chargers and nail polish bottles and bring them to the toilet one at a time? What would possess him to do such a thing? We can imagine a two year old human doing something like this but a puppy?

Whoever owns this dog has some serious training to do. They better nip this issue in the bud unless they want to deal with some severe plumbing problems.