This Dog Was Almost Returned To The Shelter, But Then A Heartfelt Note Changed Everything

Animals | 11/21/19

A man named Anthony was looking for a new best friend, so he did the responsible thing and adopted a dog from a shelter. The dog’s name was Reggie, and at first, Anthony thought that he was happy with his decision, but when he brought Reggie home, he had some doubts about being Reggie’s owner. He didn’t think that he and the dog were a good fit.

Anthony decided to bring Reggie back to the shelter, but before he could, he found a note from the dog’s previous owner that changed everything.

Alone In A New Town

A New Town Means A New Dog

Before he adopted Reggie, Anthony had just moved to a new town for college. He had spent six months going from class to class. He met some interesting people, but he was missing his friends back home. He decided to adopt a dog to keep him company in his lonely dorm room.

Anthony saw that a local shelter had just put a black lab named Reggie up for adoption. Anthony jumped at the opportunity and headed to the shelter the next day.