Sheila The Lioness Got A Helping Hand From A New Neighbor

Animals | 8/28/19

Sheila the white lioness had a rough start in life. Instead of living out in the wild like a normal lion, she spent most of her life performing for human audiences. She worked as a performer at private parties. Life in captivity was hard on Sheila, and eventually, her health started to suffer.

Her owners couldn’t afford proper veterinary care for such a large and unique animal, so when she could no longer work, she was turned over to a rescue center. When she first arrived at the center, her situation looked hopeless. Then something amazing happened…

Sheila’s First Day At The Rescue Center

Photo Credit: @insyncexotics / Facebook
Photo Credit: @insyncexotics / Facebook

In July of 2009, Sheila was rescued by the U.S Department of Agriculture. This organization is used to seeing wild animals in poor condition, but Sheila’s case was especially severe.

Seila was severely underweight. She was weak, and she could barely stand. she was tired all the time and she barely interacted with her rescuers. The employees at the rescue center realized that there wasn’t much hope for Sheila, but they decided to take a chance and try to make her feel better.