Diver Gets The Adventure Of A Lifetime After A Seal Grabs His Hand

Animals | 9/12/19

People who scuba dive tend to be the kind of folks who are curious about the world and all the various creatures that inhabit it. After all, going deep under the ocean exposes one to a lot of unusual flora and fauna that you don’t often see on dry land. In some circumstances, fortunate divers are even given the chance to have some pretty amazing encounters with sea critters. That was exactly the case for the diver you’re about to read about. We’re lucky that his friend had a camera and could capture this amazing interaction for us!

Nothing Out Of The Ordinary


Two experienced divers were about to have the scuba thrill of a lifetime but had no idea as they headed out for the day. They were at the Isles of Scilly, located off the coast of Cornwall, in southwest England.

The archipelago is a very popular tourist destination thanks to its gorgeous beaches and lush fauna such as colorful daffodils. These divers were here to explore the area’s natural beauty under the surface, though.