RIP Frank Robinson

baseball | 2/7/19

Jason Miller/Getty Images

The baseball world lost one its most important figures today when it was announced that Frank Robinson passed away. He was 83-years-old and under the care of hospice when he passed. Family was notified that his time was near and were with him. The legacy Robinson leaves behind his is as more than just a baseball player. He was considered one of the best men his peers knew.

Robinson played in MLB for 21 seasons. He won two World Series crushed 586 homeruns. The biggest homerun he ever hit a was 541 foot moon shot off Luis Tiant in 1966, “I had never seen him before. The first pitch was a fastball down and in and I hit it. You know when you get one. You don’t know how far, but you know you got it.”

With his playing days over, Robinson got into coaching. When he was hired by the Cleveland Indians, he became the first African American head coach in the history of Major League Baseball. For 16 years he manned the dugouts of the Indians, Expos, Orioles and Giants.

When Hank Aaron heard the news of Robinson’s passing, he penned this touching note, “We were friends.Frank was a hard nosed baseball player who did things on the field that people said could never be done.I’m so glad I had the chance to know him all of those years. Baseball will miss a tremendous human being.”