What Really Went On Behind The Scenes Of The Wizard Of Oz

celebrity | 8/6/19

The world has known about the story of The Wizard of Oz since L. Frank Baum published his now-iconic book in 1900, but the story didn’t quite get the recognition it deserved until the 1939 film version of The Wizard of Oz came out. The gorgeous Technicolor film made Judy Garland a household name and gave us some memorable songs.

While what we see on screen is literally a fairytale, what happened behind the screen is anything but. From Judy Garland’s spiral into addiction, strange allergic reactions, and even some near-death experiences, The Wizard of Oz set was no over-the-rainbow paradise.

The Actor Who Originally Played The Tin Man Was Poisoned By His Own Face Makeup

the wizard of oz different tin man
Warner Bros./MovieStillsDB
Warner Bros./MovieStillsDB

Actor Buddy Ebsen was originally hired to play the Tin Man, but nine days into the job, he suffered a horrible allergic reaction to the aluminum dust in his face makeup. He had breathed some of it in which caused his lungs to fail and he ended up hospitalized for quite some time.

Ebsen was out of commission, so the role had to be recast. Jack Haley took over the role, an actor who wasn’t allergic to aluminum. The makeup team still swapped in aluminum paste instead of aluminum powder on him, just to be safe.