Some Found Success, and Some Disappeared: Child Stars from the ’70s

celebrity | 1/31/20

Ron Howard (Opie Taylor)

You may know him as Opie Taylor on the ever-popular series, “The Andy Griffith Show,” but Ron Howard has never been at a loss for great acting roles. His parents were both actors, and his father was also a director. So, his appearance in his first movie, Frontier Woman (1956) at 18-months-old was not a surprise. His appearances on stage and TV continued from there.

Beyond his appearance as the red-headed Opie, his talents continue to shine as Richie Cunningham on “Happy Days.” But, those early roles barely graze the surface of his credits. Howard has appeared in more than 27 films, directed 28 motion picture films (including the highly acclaimed A Beautiful Mind, Apollo 13, Cocoon, and The Da Vinci Code), and produced more than 20 more films. So, you won’t be surprised that he’s a monumental film icon. He doesn’t appear to be afraid to push outside his comfort zone, and he continually brings a fresh, unique (and unforgettable) perspective to his projects.