An Inside Look At The Lavish Tour Buses Of Top Celebrities

Entertainment | 9/12/19

Spending a lot of time on the road, actors and musicians work long days and are constantly on the go. Can you blame them for wanting their own space to relax and recharge between commitments? These celebrities have it figured out and designed tour buses and trailers that bring a piece of home with them on the road.

Taking a look inside, it’s hard to believe that some of these are mobile! From Dolly Parton’s wig display to Ashton Kutcher’s incredible rig, here’s how the stars travel in style.

Simon Cowell’s Mobile Estate Is On Par With Air Force One

Inside Simon Cowell’s 1,2000-square foot mobile estate is nothing short of impressive. The American Idol and Britain’s Got Talent talent show judge dropped $2 million on this customized trailer. The living room can seat 20 people where they can watch a movie on the 60-inch home theater at the end of the aisle.

Cowell has a designated makeup area to get ready for his next take that also doubles as a doctor’s office if needed. Several features on the mobile estate are unique, with the only other vehicle that has it being Air Force 1. It even has a customized bedroom door that can go from clear to opaque with a touch of a button.

Johnny Cash’s RV Consists Of Simpler Times

The Man in Black, Johnny Cash traveled the road quite a bit over the course of 20 years. He purchased his tour bus in 1979 and used it until 2003. He purchased the bus for $553,000 in Columbus, Ohio and welcomed aboard other legends including Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, and Kris Kristofferson.

johnnhy cash tour bus

Cash revamped the bus to include walnut wood from his Tennessee farm, black leather couches, and two sleeper sofas. The bus has four separate rooms, each with their own TV, VCR, and radio. The bus’ engine has been replaced once, with a mileage of 370,000.

Pamela Anderson’s “Lovestream”

This airstream is like none other. Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner gifted this airstream to Pamela Anderson in 2001. Nicknamed the “Lovestream” it’s no ordinary RV! Hefner had it customized with sexy 70s interior.

The walls are white with white shag carpeting to match. Mirrors are mounted to the ceiling, along with a disco ball. The airstream also has a stripper pole, circular vibrating bed and Playboy bunny seat cushions in the lounge area. It’s also dialed with all the technology Anderson needs on the road– high-speed internet, satellite TV, and more.

Willie Nelson Is As Country As It Gets

Willie Nelson’s tour bus stands out, to say the least. The country legend has been touring since 1956, so you know he has a tour bus to fit his needs while on the road. The bus is a 1983 Eagle bus, and he put it up for sale in 2014 for $100,000.


The interior of the bus is like walking into a Western bar from the 70s; a combination of wood paneling, dark moody lighting, leather, ornate fixtures and some surprising pops of colorful velvet. We’d buy this piece of history!

Will Smith’s Trailer Isn’t Well-Liked

When you’re as big of a star as Will Smith, you have some sway. But even with all of his star-power, Smith still rubbed people the wrong way when he brought his 55-foot trailer to the set of Men in Black III in the middle of New York City.

The trailer, worth $2 million, took up an entire city block, and the city asked that he move it to a private lot. Nicknamed “The Heat”, Smith’s trailer features $100,000 worth of technology, $30,000 worth of leather and a $25,000 bathroom. The trailer also has a private lounge, wardrobe area, and 100-inch flat-screen TV.

Barack Obama Has A Limo-Tint Tour Bus

Even when you’re no longer the president, you need your privacy. That’s why former president Barack Obama bought this tinted-out tour bus for when he’s on the road. He purchased the bus back in August 2011 when he was running for reelection and has held onto it ever since.

President Obama RV

The bus cost $1.1 million and has plenty of luxurious features, as well as “secret communications technology” and plenty of other bells and whistles to make sure the former POTUS is always safe.

Vin Diesel’s Trailer Is LARGE

Designed by Anderson Mobile Estates, actor Vin Diesel’s trailer is much like him: larger than life. Diesel dropped $1.1 million on the 1,100 square-foot trailer that also features a second level pop-up for added space. The kitchen is outfitted with granite countertops to make him feel right at home.

Diesel can also kick back in the media lounge that’s stocked with $70,000 worth of media entertainment. The trailer is also designed with a private office space to get work done on the road and a play area for his three kids. He loves his trailer so much, he had it shipped out to Puerto Rico while he was filming there.

Mariah Carey’s Bus Feels Like A Nightclub

Mariah Carey doesn’t do anything quietly, and that goes the same for her tour bus. Her mega bus features a 65-inch television with surround sound and a 15-foot couch. The lounge has plenty of room to sit, each, or stretch out, and the bus is also equipped with a full-size fridge and a water machine that cost a cool $4,000.

On the second floor (yes, the second floor) there’s a 35-foot custom wraparound couch, two 60-inch televisions and color-changing lights for effect. Unlike other buses on this list, Carey’s feels more like a nightclub than a cozy home.

Matthew McConaughey’s Airstream

Unlike many of the celebrities on this list, actor Matthew McConaughey likes to keep things simple. Instead of purchasing a large bus or trailer, the Texas-born actor went with a classic Airstream, which he named “The Canoe” after visiting a Squamish Nation reservation in Vancouver, Canada.

He customized The Canoe with an eating and working area, a barbecue outside, shelves for books and a satellite dish on the roof. It’s not the fanciest on this list, but it’s an upgrade from the GMC van that he fixed up and drove across the country.

Ron White Can’t Go Anywhere Without…

When you think of comedian Ron White, scotch and cigars immediately come to mind. So, of course, he had to include them on his tour bus so he won’t have to pull over while on the road. The bus features a huge bed with a leather headboard and custom light fixtures throughout.

Surprisingly, White doesn’t have any form of a kitchen on his bus, just a high-end coffeemaker, and a scotch closet. Of course, he also has a cigar humidor to go along with it. This is definitely a tour bus built specifically for Ron White.

John Madden Calls His Bus “The Madden Cruiser”

Before he created the most popular football video game on earth, John Madden was a successful NFL coach. His original Greyhound bus, the “Madden Cruiser” was purchased in 1987 after Madden decided that he didn’t want to fly to all of the games anymore and taking the train would be too inconvenient.

john madden tour bus

The bus has a queen bed in the private bedroom, a full bathroom and a kitchenette. In the first year alone, Madden traveled 55,000 miles in the bus. It’s since been donated and is on display at the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Brad Pitt Has Everything He Needs Right Here

Another actor makes the list. Brad Pitt bought a 48-foot trailer for when he’s filming on set. While it’s not as customized as some of the others, it has everything the actor needs: a kitchen, full-size fridge, a dishwasher, and a stovetop.

In the lounge space, Pitt has a 10-foot leather couch, but the bedroom is what really makes the bus. The private master bedroom features a queen bed, media center, and a master bathroom with a walk-in shower. It also has enough room for Pitt to have his hair and makeup done before getting back to the set.

Big Kenny Does It A Bit Differently

Big Kenny of country duo Big and Rich has a unique design to his tour bus. He chose to design the bus with wood throughout, with some pirate features thrown in for good measure. The bus also features plenty of artwork, making it feel like a cozy den in your home.

The lounge has a DJ area to entertain, while the private bedroom features a queen bed, large closet, storage and a full bath. Big Kenny has a thing for segues, so he has a few of those stored beneath the bus to get around concert venues.

Robert Downey Jr. Makes Himself Right At Home

While some celebrities on this list like to include a theme or something decadent with their RV or bus, actor Robert Downey Jr. just wants it to feel like home. His bus looks open and cozy, with plenty of seating area and a large kitchen space.

robert donwy jr trailer

The lightning and beautiful tile flooring make it feel like you’re in a luxurious hotel, rather than on the road. Downey knew what he was doing when he selected this bus. It’s the perfect escape after hours of working on set.

Justin Moore’s Rustic Digs

This trailer certainly brings home on the road! This stylish tour bus belongs to country artist Justin Moore, who wanted to take that cozy rustic vibe on tour with him. The bus features a spacious living space, custom-made cowhide couch and sofa chairs, and cowhide rug.

It’s made for full relaxation on the road with two 60-inch TV’s and a custom crocodile skin kitchen complete with a beer tap. The bathroom is full-scale with a curved tile shower with a TV in it. Moore’s trailer definitely makes life on the road more comfortable!

Ashton Kutcher’s Is Quite Unique

Actor Ashton Kutcher has a lot of projects and a lot of obligations. With so much time spent traveling, Kutcher invested in this 53-foot long rig. Weighing in at 30 tons, this is a true house on wheels!

It’s equipped with hydraulics that with a push of a button, expands the living space to become two stories. It’s designed with a large living room, full kitchen with granite countertops, a meeting room, and two bathrooms. There’s plenty of entertainment on board with a 60-inch 3D plasma television and high-security.

Jake Owen’s Tour Bus Has a Full Kitchen

Country singer Jake Owen’s tour bus puts a different spin on a stylish home on the road. He doesn’t leave home without his 52-foot coach bus that’s designed with a large, comfortable living area complete with a dog bed for his four-legged friend, Merl.

The coach bus has a modern kitchen, a bar, and a beer tap. And take a look at the full-size retro fridge! Owen has been on tour four times, and we think he’s doing it right!

Lee Brice is Always Ready For A Jam Session

Take a look at Lee Brice’s tour bus! The country artist and songwriter needed a creative space to play music and write songs while on the road. He customized this tour bus to his liking and you can hardly tell it’s on wheels. The living space features a leather couch and two leather recliners, and black-out curtains for privacy.

He’s even got guitar amps set-up, ready for a jam session at the drop of a hat. The bus has two “condo” bunks for guests and bedroom in the back for Brice. He was smart on space when designing it, choosing pull-out fridge drawers and built-in storage in the bedroom to make it feel like home.

Rodney Atkins Brings Everything With Him

Country artist Rodney Atkins chose a 52-foot bus for his home on the road. The interior has a unique style; a blend of French and country. This bus features two bathrooms and a full kitchen, complete with large granite countertops.

One oddity is that Atkins brings his parrots on tour with him, so they have their own space on the bus as well. The master suite is decked out with a large TV and surround sound. Not wanting to leave his motorcycle behind, Atkins has his bus pull a trailer where his motorcycle is stored inside.

Craig Morgan Went For the Man Cave

When it came to selecting and designing his house on the road, country music artist Craig Morgan imagined a man cave. Morgan has up to 13 guys on the bus at one time, so he made sure there was plenty of space for everyone to sit down and have a beer.

In fact, there’s a beer cooler built alongside the couches so no one has to get up and walk to the fridge. The kitchen has a modern design with a tiled backsplash and a well-organized kitchen. Craig rests in his private room while the others bunk up in the condo bunk beds.

Gwen Stefani’s Classy Trailer

For nearly two decades, Gwen Stefani hit the road on tour with her bandmates of No Doubt. Now, a grown woman, mother and solo artist, Stefani must have thought it was due time to have a trailer to match her style.

The spacious trailer is classically designed with a gorgeous lounge area, large kitchen space with plenty of countertops, stainless steel backsplash, and even a wine fridge. The neutral colors offer a calm space for Stefani to relax before heading back out. In the back, the trailer is designed with Stefani’s bedroom, complete with a Sleep Number bed, make-up area, and a comfortably spacious bathroom.

Timberland Designed His With A Mobile Recording Studio

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean that you can’t be working! That must have been music artist and producer Timberland’s thought process when it came to his tour bus. He designed it with a mobile recording studio that doesn’t skip on anything.

Color-changing LED lighting sets the vibe, making it feel like you’re anywhere but on the road. Seeing as there’s so much recording equipment on board, Timberland was smart to install a security system to monitor what’s going on outside. There’s also plenty of lounge area for the eight members of the band that travel with him.

Kelly Pickler’s Doesn’t Leave Her Shoe Collection Behind

The goal of a custom tour bus is to make it feel as much like home as possible. Country artist Kelly Pickler knew just what she would need to install to make her bus feel like home: a shoe closet. She went above and beyond what most have in their homes to make sure all of her shoes are perfectly displayed and accessible while she’s on tour.

The bus also has a space to do her hair and makeup, and a full-size modern kitchen. Another personal touch Pickler added was the ice machine from a restaurant she used to work at before making it big. She also made sure that her dogs are comfortable on the road, with a custom dog kennel.

Casey Mears Made Sure To Have A King Size Bed

What could possibly make you feel more at home than a giant, comfortable bed? When NASCAR driver Casey Mears took to designing his tour bus, he made sure it would be comfortable for the whole family. His private room features a king bed for him and his wife, as well as any kiddos that want to cozy up. The room also has his and her’s closets.

The large kitchen and dining space are big enough for the whole family to spend quality time together, featuring a hideaway stovetop and a full-size fridge. Following the tour bus is Mears’ 53-foot trailer containing his race cars and all of the necessary tools for repairs.

The Zac Brown Band Really Went Custom

Some of the buses on this list are swanky but the tour bus for the Zac Brown Band really takes the cake. They call their bus “The Ride” and it’s completely decked out. The interior features custom wood accents with an industrial, masculine touch here and there.

zac brown band bus

Once you start looking around you’ll notice all of the country-western touches that make the bus feel like a ranch home. The large kitchen space has granite countertops and the cushioned leather couches are big enough for the whole band.

Dolly Parton Keeps Things Pink and Pretty

Country music artist Dolly Parton started her career and hit the road in 1956. By now, she has her tour bus dialed with everything she needs. Since Parton loves to cook, she designed the bus with a full kitchen including a full-size fridge.


The master bedroom is entirely pink with a private bathroom and hair and makeup area. What else? A section of the bus is designated for her blonde wigs. In case she has any friends on board, Parton has bunk beds and a second shower for guests.

The Dallas Cowboys’ Executive RV

When executives of the Dallas Cowboys hit the road, they do it in style. Taking a glance at this kitchenette, you can already decide for yourself that traveling on the road in this 45-foot bus is better than flying!

cowboys executive bus

The purchased the bus for $2 million with all of the custom features including zebra-wood paneling, granite countertops and comfortable seating for 20 people. Don’t forget about the TV screens! There are at least three TVs on the bus.

Katy Perry’s Bus is Modern Yet Cozy

Katy Perry is another artist who has spent most of her career on the road. She’s been performing on the road since 2001 and has headlined four major tours. Here’s a peek of her private room on her bus. It looks like she’s enjoying a bowl of cereal or ice cream in her bed!

katy perry tour bus

Her tour bus has a modern and edgy appearance, yet some cozy throw pillows and a blanket make it sweet, just like Perry.

James Rollins Writes On The Road

One of the most popular U.S. authors, James Rollins spends a lot of time traveling on the road for book tours. In buying his own bus, Rollins is able to work comfortably on the road while he travels to the next spot.

james rollins book tour

He doesn’t share much of what’s inside, but we can imagine that it would include a private bedroom, wi-fi internet, working space and of course, plenty of shelving and storage for books!

One Direction Took It Up A Notch

Once One Direction hit it big, they decided that it was time to splurge on a customized RV. In preparation for their “Take Me Home” tour, the band went the extra mile to secure a bus that fit their style.

one direction bus

The One Direction bus features a spanking new interior with a red and black color scheme. This wrap-around couch is just one of the luxurious features – the bus also has a full kitchen with red cabinetry and comfortable beds for everyone. Not too shabby!

Justin Bieber’s Bus

Music artist Justin Bieber started his career from a young age, hailing from Canada. Frequently on the road, the tour bus is a good fit for his lifestyle. However, it’s also caused him some problems.

justin bieber tour bus
Matt Stroshane/Getty Images
Matt Stroshane/Getty Images

When his bus crossed over from Detroit to Canada in 2013, his bus was busted for having drugs on it. Luckily for Biebs, he wasn’t on it at the time. Anyway, his bus is loaded with technology, plenty of bunk space for his crew and a large private bedroom for Biebs.

Taylor Swift Works On The Road

While some of the celebrities on this list use their tour buses to party and entertain, Taylor Swift is one to work. She finds inspiration between tour stops to write song lyrics and lay down some chords.

taylor swift tour bus

That’s why she makes sure she has space to stretch out, get comfortable, and have some peace and quiet. This gal knows what she’s doing. At 29-years-old, Swift has already headlined five tours and recorded six albums. And she’s not slowing down!

John Rich Has Some Sweet Couches

You’ve already seen how Big lives on the road, and now it’s time to show your Rich. Yep, they have separate tour buses, even when they’re going to the same place. We suppose when you’re that successful, the extra gas is worth the comfort.


Rich’s bus features long, retro red couches with cupholders built into the back. The kitchen is fully-functioning with an eating space that leads into the back, where there are bunks and Rich’s private room. Not a bad place to kick back!

Whoopi Goldberg’s Bus Caught On Fire

EGOT winner Whoopi Goldberg travels the road as an actress, The View co-host, and comedian. She decided to splurge on a tour bus and bring a private chef along too. In 2015 when she was performing at a casino in New Brunswick, Goldberg’s tour bus caught on fire and burst into flames.

YouTube/CTV News
YouTube/CTV News

While she was performing, someone let her know of the incident and she told the audience, “Sorry, I have to go. My bus is on fire.” Luckily, no one was injured, but they evacuated the casino as a precaution.

Welcome to the Light Show: Gary Allan’s RV

Country music artists sure know how to do a tour bus right! This one belongs to Gary Allan and it looks like the Las Vegas strip. There’s plenty of flash here, not to mention a stocked bar, which leads you to believe Allan does more partying and entertaining on the bus than resting or working.

gary allan tour bus

Allan has released nine studio albums that have kept him plenty busy, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t find time to party. Take a look at those drawer fridges!

T.I. Doesn’t Stay Hidden

Inside rapper-actor T.I.’s decked-out tour bus is a fully stocked bar and 60-inch TV’s. There’s plenty of room and seating for his crew, and T.I. uses his bus frequently. There was that one incident with the Federal Bureau of Prisons…

Rapper T.I.'s Tour Bus
AP Photo/John Amis
AP Photo/John Amis

When T.I. was released from a prison in Arkansas, he had his bus pick him up. That didn’t sit well with authorities, however, and thought that his flashy ride showed that he didn’t take his sentence seriously. That was in 2011. Back in 2005, T.I.’s tour bus was shot up and one of his friends were killed.

Amy Grant’s Bus Is Classic and Clean

Country artist Amy Grant likes to have all of the amenities when she’s on the road. While her tour bus isn’t over-the-top with interior design, it still has all of the bells and whistles. The wood interior makes her bus look high-class, with granite countertops in the kitchen and stainless steel appliances.

amy grant bus

She’s been nicknamed “The Queen of Christian Pop,” she has her band in both the country music scene as well as mainstream pop.

Idol Star Lauren Alaina Keeps Her Bus Cozy

While many celebs opt for a modern bus, American Idol star Lauren Alaina prefers a cozy, homey style. It makes sense that she would want to make her bus feel like home. At only 24 years old, she started her career early and perhaps she gets homesick.

lauren alaina

There are plenty of couches and cozy spaces to curl up and relax on her bus. While most young adults her age are scraping together rent money, she’s ballin’ on this spacious bus!

Hunter Hayes’s Bus Is Made For Music

Lousiana native Hunter Hayes makes sure to take plenty of guitars on the road with him in his tour bus. Between tour stops the country music artist enjoys relaxing and playing music. He’s headlined six tours, traveling all over the U.S. and the U.K., so when he has a minute of downtime, Hayes makes it count.

hunter hayes bus

This space could have you fooled into thinking you were in someone’s jam room of their house, instead of a tour bus. It has everything he needs and nothing more.

Kix Brooks Doesn’t Bunk Up With Ronnie Dunn

Another country music duo who have separate tour buses are Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, of Brooks & Dunn. The two have played music together since 1990, and they’re ready to have a bit of space when they’re not performing.

kix brooks tour bus

This bus belongs to Brooks and features all the amenities you would want in your home. The living space is comfortably set-up with a big tv, reclining couch, and wood elements to make it feel more like a house.