The Alliance Of American Football Begins With A Bang

football | 2/11/19

Ronald Cortes/AAF/Getty Images

With the Super Bowl over and a void left in the hearts of football fans everywhere, the Alliance of American Football made its debut this past weekend. The AAF has no intentions of competing with the NFL. Instead, it wants to become a development partner for the league, as well as a place for fringe players to prove they deserve a spot in the big show.

The first nationally televised game took place on February 9th between the San Diego Fleet and San Antonio Commanders. The fast paced sport proved entertaining, with big hits supplied by the defenses and plenty of big plays by the quick strike offenses. The most memorable play, though, came on a sack of Fleet quarterback Mike Bercovici.

The legal tackle saw Bercovici drop back in the pocket and fail to see a defender coming straight at him. The surprising hit knocked the quarterback’s helmet straight into the air and caused a fumble that his offensive line luckily recovered. The Fleet lost the game 15-6.

With that play, the AAF arrived, proving that even though the talent level might not be the same as the NFL, there is still going to be plenty of fun to be had. The eight teams in the league will all play a ten game schedule, with s four team playoff. The championship game will take place in Vegas, and if Mike Bercovici is still alive that late in the season, maybe he can lead the Fleet to the promised land.