These Restaurant Signs Are Funnier Than They Have Any Business Being

Funny | 5/26/20

Normally you walk by one of those chalkboard signs outside of a restaurant and it says something like “today’s special: salmon fillet” or “house beer served here.” That’s useful information that might make you want to step into that restaurant. Do you know what’s better than useful information, though? Jokes.

These sign-smiths are at the top of their game. Is this marketing effective, funny, or both? We’ll let you decide. Which of these signs is your favorite?

A Liquid Lunch

whisky soup
Tumblr / sambo1987
Tumblr / sambo1987

In what world is whiskey considered soup? Where is that world and how can we get to it? Sometimes on a cold night, you need a hot, hearty bowl on minestrone soup. On some cold nights, you need a glass of whiskey. What kind of night is it tonight?

There are some problems that a bowl of chicken noodle soup can fix. For everything else, there’s whiskey. Do you like your soup neat or on the rocks?