What Really Happened To The Only Three Men To Ever To Escape Alcatraz

History | 1/23/20

Alcatraz is one of the highest security prisons in the world. Escaping from Alcatraz is nearly impossible. This place is on a remote island surrounded by high fences, barbed wire, an entire ocean, and many armed guards. You’d have to be crazy to even attempt to get out of this place alive.

In June of 1962, three crazy men decided that they would rather attempt to get out of this prison than spend one more day locked up inside. What happened to them after they escaped is still unknown. Let’s take a closer look at how they managed to pull off their daring escape.

A Cold Case

letter supposedly written by john anglin
Photo credit: Pinterest
Photo credit: Pinterest

This case remained unsolved for decades. There was very little information available to authorities regarding where and how the three men escaped in 1962. Without any new information, the case remained cold. At least, it remained cold until early January 2018 when the San Fransisco Police Department received a letter signed by somebody who claimed to be John Anglin, one of the men who escaped.

Could this letter really be from the rea John Anglin?