These 1960s Photos Are A Real Blast From The Past

History | 5/20/20

A lot of the photos on this list are from the 1960s. That decade we saw the beginning of the Civil rights movement, the Vietnam War, Woodstock, and John F. Kennedy’s assassination. We saw innovations in fashion, makeup, home decor, and advertising. Luckily, we have photographs to remind us of how it all went down.

Keep reading to take a trip down memory lane. Check out how different the world was wayback then.

Glamorous Flight Attendants

@astorwalnut / Twitter
@astorwalnut / Twitter

Little girls dreamed about growing up to be flight attendants, or stewardesses as they called them, back in the ’60s. These women would wear fancy uniforms, attend to high-class patrons, and fly from country to country.

The ’60s were considered the “Golden Age of the Stewardess.”Nowadays, being a flight attendant is still a well-respected job, but it’s lost some of its magic and glamor. Maybe that’s for the best, though. These women weren’t always treated that well.