The Nashville Predators Need A New Head Of Marketing

hockey | 10/12/18
John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

The Nashville Predators made an odd choice with when they unveiled new banners in their arena this season. They hung up three new banners. One said, “Central Division Champions 2018-18,” and another said, “Presidents’ Trophy 2017-18.” It was the third banner that had everyone hanging their heads in embarrassment.

That sad banner read, “Regular Season Western Conference Champions 2017-18.” The problem, of course, is that there is no such thing as “Regular Season” champion. The NHL already awards the team with the best record in the President’s Trophy. Essentially, the Predators hung two banners for the exact same thing.

The actual Western Conference Champion were the Las Vegas Golden Knights, who faced of against the Washington Capitals, aka the Eastern Conference Champions. Fans on social media have been quick to point out the oddity with three new signs of their own. The most absurd set said, “Saw Avengers: Infinity War In Imax,” “Had A Really Nice Turkey Sandwich,” and finally, “Connor McDavid Scored Here.”

It’s good for fans to have a sense of humor about the unfortunate banner unveiling. We mean, at this point, it’s not like the Predators can take it back. All they can do is fire their head of marketing. The job should be showing up on Indeed any day now.