Zdeno Chara Loves Connor McDavid

hockey | 10/12/18
Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

In one game for the Oilers this season, wunderkind Connor McDavid has scored two goals. He’s been impressive to say the least. Bruins big man Zdeno Chara has noticed how good McDavid is too, and he’s publicly proclaimed his love, “He probably could have played in the NHL at 16. He was so advanced. As a 16-year-old, he probably would have had 80 points.”

That’s high praise, and probably not true. Playing in a lower level league at 16-years-old, McDavid only scored 58 points. When he finally made his debut in the NHL, though, he delivered on all the promise of his talent. In two seasons so far, he has scored well over 200 goals.

Chara’s praise wasn’t limited to just McDavid though. While he had the microphone, he praised the entire next generation of talent flooding into the league, “You see the skill they already have. It’s way more advanced. In our era, it didn’t exist. If someone would say they’re taking a power skating class or a figure skating class, you would get laughed at.”

The next test for McDavid is too become a difference maker for the Oilers. It’s not easy to score goals, but playing hockey isn’t just about scoring. It’s also about when he’s scoring and under how much pressure. Let’s hope for the Oilers that he’s a gamer and not a stat stuffer.