The Truth About What Happened In This Abandoned New York Mansion

Incredible | 9/26/19

New York City is home to the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, and all of Broadway. It’s one of the busiest and most populated cities in North America. Over 8.5 million people live in New York City. While this city is full of life and excitement and bright lights, it also holds many secrets.

One of those secrets is a mansion that’s now totally abandoned. This mansion is not a tourist destination. It doesn’t call too much attention to itself. But one look inside and you’ll realize that this place contains a whole lot of mystery.

It Looks Nice From The Outside

photo credit: Bryan Sansivero
photo credit: Bryan Sansivero

This sprawling mansion is located just a few miles away from the heart of Times Square. Not very much is known about this Victorian gothic building. Some might even say that it’s a haunted mansion. Photographer Bryan Sansivero isn’t afraid of no ghosts, though.

He ventured inside this abandoned mansion to investigate who may have lived here and what they might have been like. Bryan walked through this house taking pictures as he went, and then he shared all of those pictures with the world. For more of Sansivero’s photos, visit his Instagram page.