Cameras Captured The Last Photos Ever Taken On Board The Titanic

Incredible | 8/29/19

In the spring of 1912, the Titanic set sail from Southampton en route to New York City. Only the most elite passengers were onboard this “unsinkable” ship because Titanic tickets were very hard to come by (and very expensive). Since that fateful day when the ship collided with a large iceberg, the legend of the RMS Titanic has lived on in books, television, and of course, James Cameron’s iconic film.

The movie Titanic gave us a sense of what happened on that ship, but it can never give us a true picture— only true pictures can do that. See what the Titanic looks like today, and view some rare photos from onboard its maiden voyage.

The Maiden Voyage

titanic in 1911 in belfast
SSPL/Getty Images
SSPL/Getty Images

The Titanic was a gigantic ocean liner. The name “Titanic” actually comes from Greek mythology. The Titans were the gods that preceded the Olympians. This massive ship set sail on April 10, 1912, with over 2000 people on board, including passengers, staff, and crew members.

This was not a cheap ship to build. It cost around $7,500,000 to construct. People around the world saw the Titanic as a technological achievement. This ship was supposed to be expertly constructed.