A Loving Couple Took A Stray Dog Off The Streets And Nursed Him Back To Health

Incredible | 10/3/19

Although “adopt don’t shop” is a good policy to live by, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you adopt an animal. Many dogs who are up for adoption in shelters and foster homes have been through significant trauma. Potential owners have to be sure that they have the patience and the expertise to nurture a pet who’s been abused or neglected. Not all dogs in shelters need specialized care, but many of them do.

Wulfgar the husky had a mysterious and complicated past. Luckily for him, a wonderful couple adopted him and helped him through an unbelievable transformation.

Wulfgar Was Living On The Street


This dog was found wandering around a suburban neighborhood in November 2015. When one particular woman heard about the dog and the condition he was in, she wanted to do everything she could to help.

The dog was particularly skittish around men, so the woman assumed that he had been abused by a man in the past. She posted this photo of the dog when she first met him on Imgur with the caption, “as you can see, he’s in pretty bad shape in this photo […] Notice the patchy fur and the visible ribs. He also had a large scar going across his ribs…”