DIY Fails From People Who Should’ve Just Paid A Professional

Incredible | 7/31/19

Building or renovating your house can get pricey pretty quickly, so it’s always good to opt for doing it yourself if you can. But the problem is, it can also be even pricier if you don’t know what you’re doing and then you have to pay someone to come in and fix your mistake anyways!

So remember folks, if your wife suggests that maybe you and your friends shouldn’t be the ones renovating your kitchen, it comes from a place of love. She just wants to make sure everything actually turns out the way it’s meant to…

Feature Island

mini island
Photo Credit: Instagram / @foxrealtyaustin
Photo Credit: Instagram / @foxrealtyaustin

It’s hard to say what exactly happened here. Maybe someone ordered the wrong product? Maybe the read the measurements in inches but thought it meant feet? Maybe they were trying to make a podium, not an island. It could make for a great cake stand or laptop desk in the middle of the kitchen…

At least it would make for a good conversation piece? And your wife could bring it up in every argument ever. “Your only job was to build an island and you couldn’t even handle that, how could I expect you to handle raising our child?”