Old Wooden Shack, Purchased For A Hundred Bucks, Becomes Something Amazing

Incredible | 9/18/19

Meet Richard Aiken. The sixty-five-year-old husband and father can do anything he puts his mind to. And he does these things well, too. He has two Ph.Ds, a medical degree, authored a book called The New Ancestral Diet, and also sings opera on the side.

Did we mention that he’s an accomplished builder? No? Well then, read on to see what he was able to do with an old, run-down log shack. You’ll be absolutely amazed at the “after” pictures of this place.

It Had To Begin Somewhere

Head Cramp
Head Cramp

Aiken had a long love of nature, and had always been interested in buying himself a place out in the woods. After all, what better way to get away from it all and escape the pressures of daily life for a little bit.

It’s a fantasy that many people share, and most don’t act on it. Richard Aiken is not most people, however. And the house he ended up with probably isn’t one that a lot of people would have thought twice about buying, to tell you the truth.