This Woman Never Expected To Find Something Shocking Inside A $2 Thrift Store Ornament

Incredible | 1/9/20

The holiday season brings with it times of joy, laughter, and celebration. It’s a time when families get together to reflect on the past year, exchange gifts and enjoy time together. It’s also a time known to stir up a miracle or two. That’s exactly what happened for a woman from Massachusets who found something unexpected in a local thrift store.

She bought what she thought was a normal ornament for $2, but it turned out to be so much more.

The Ornament Caught Her Eye

YouTube/CBS News
YouTube/CBS News

This is Priscilla Bailey, a woman who was living in Plymouth, Massachusetts when she found an ornament that caught her eye at a local thrift store. She noticed that the ornament was being sold for the low, low price of two American dollars. Priscilla thought that was a pretty good deal, so she decided to buy the ornament right there and then.

It wasn’t until she got it home that she noticed that there was something unusual about it.