Hack Your Hotel Stay With These Simple Tips

Incredible | 9/12/19

Americans love to travel. We love seeing distant places in other countries or discovering locales that we haven’t personally seen within our own borders. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, we can’t get enough of it!

But sometimes traveling can be a daunting task — especially if you’re someone that gets worries about staying in a hotel room. Is it clean? Does it have everything you need? For those who worry easily, fear not: this list of “hotel hacks” will help you get by to make your travels even more enjoyable.

Hangers Help Keep The Sun Outside

Keep It Dark

Most hotels have window blinds that perfectly block out the world outside your window, but not every hotel room is perfect. If you’re still getting little rays of light poking through a blind that can’t close all the way, go to your closet and check out your hangers.

Most hangers at hotels have small clips attached to them for hanging up smaller garments. But these can be used for your curtains as well, allowing you to clip the small openings completely shut, ensuring a peaceful rest without bright distractions.