There Are 42 School Buses Buried Underground Thanks To One Man’s Strange Reasoning

Incredible | 9/18/19

Just outside a major city in Canada lies a secret that’s been kept well-hidden over the years. Most people don’t even know about it but the ones who do are blown away by what’s down there, and more importantly – why it’s down there. It was all done by one man with a vision for a future that’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard of. Read on to learn about this man and the reason why he buried so many school buses under the ground.

A Secret Lies Under The Ground In Canada


Many people who live near a certain rural area in Canada have no idea about a secret that lies under the ground there. A few do know about it, but not many of those have actually seen it. This secret is something that the local authorities are trying to put an end to – but what is it?

An elderly man named Bruce Beach is responsible for this underground wonder. Motivated by fear and paranoia, he buried dozens of buses and created a mazelike world below the earth. Recently, he’s decided to discuss his bizarre creation and the reason for burying all those buses.