The Most Terrifying And Dangerous Roads From Around The World

Incredible | 3/24/20

It is a truth universally held by all that not all roads are created equal. Some roads offer smooth sailing for all kinds of vehicles, some provide slight humps and divet for drivers who don’t mind the thrill of a bumpy ride, and some roads are absolutely terrifyingly crazy. We’re not talking about potholes and speed bumps anymore. We’re talking about driving on the edge of a cliff crazy. Are you up for taking the ultimate road trip?

Keep reading to see some of the most dangerous roads, streets, and highways in the world.

Skippers Canyon Road In New Zealand

Skippers Canyon Road in New Zealand was carved out over 140 years ago, and it basically hasn’t changed since it was first created. No maintenance has been done to make this road any safe. Not even your drivers’ insurance would cover you if you run into trouble.

If you were driving along this road and you encountered another driver, you would have to reverse for up to two miles before you could even find a semi-safe passing point.