This Man Dug Up An Old Box In His Backyard, Never Expected To Uncover A Lost Treasure

Incredible | 11/28/19

While digging in his own garden, a man by the name of Matthew Emanuel found a mysterious box that didn’t belong to him. Matthew and his family had lived in their home in Todt Hill, Staten Island, New York for over four years. In all that time, Matthew had never buried a box in his backyard. He had no idea how it could have ended up there.

Matthew took it upon himself to find out who the box belonged to, because he knew what he found inside needed to be returned to its rightful owner. Keep reading to find out what he found.

Nobody Knew About The Box

Bamboo Bob Finds The Box
Matthew Emanuel/Twitter
Matthew Emanuel/Twitter

The Emanuel family’s property had a substantial backyard, and in that backyard, half sticking out of the dirt, was a metal box. It was nestled in the dirt by the side of their fence. The box hadn’t been moved or touched in a very long time. It was covered in rust and it appeared to be very old.

Over time, plants began to grow over the outside of the box. It was totally camouflaged in the yard.