Homeowners Got Creative With These Hidden Rooms Full Of Big Secrets

Incredible | 1/9/20

When you were a kid, there were few things cooler (at least interior design-wise) than a bookshelf that was secretly a door to a hidden room. There’s something so intriguing about fixtures and rooms that are hidden away or disguised as normal, everyday objects. You can use a secret room to impress guests, store valuables, or just to get away from it all. Sometimes you want to keep the best parts of your house away from prying eyes.

Keep reading to see some of the most secretive, exclusive, hidden rooms on the internet.

A Secret Study

A large study has a round, wooden door of some sort.
Christies International Real Estate
Christies International Real Estate

This study looks like it’s straight out of Middle Earth. The large door could pass as a hobbit hole in New Zealand without any problem. It also helps that the rest of the room is emphasized with accenting wood. You have wooden floors, a desk, cabinetry, doors, and even the ceiling.

It’s quite an ornate door so we have to ask: is it leading to an important place?