There Was A Strange Smell Coming From This House, And When Police Investigated, They Couldn’t Believe What They Found

Incredible | 11/27/19

You always hope that when you buy a house, you end up with good neighbors. Your neighbors can make or break your sanity. Unfortunately, one group of neighbors got the short end of the stick when they noticed a horrible smell coming from a house on their street.

At first, they tried to ignore the smell, but then it became too strong to ignore. Eventually, the neighbors decided to take action and get the police involved. What the police found when they investigate the house shocked absolutely everyone.

No One Knew Where The Smell Was Coming From

Arriving At The House
Yusuke Harada/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Yusuke Harada/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Initially, the people in the neighborhood couldn’t pinpoint exactly where the bad smell was coming from. They just thought that their neighborhood had a weird stench. It was awkward for a while when everybody was trying to figure out which house was causing the smell.

Nobody wanted to point fingers, but at the same time, everybody wanted the smell to go away. They couldn’t deal with not being able to walk outside without plugging their noses.