These Teachers Left The Funniest Comments On Their Students’ Tests

Incredible | 8/9/19

It can be discouraging to receive a big red “X” next to an incorrect answer on a test. Sometimes, students get creative when they answer basic test questions, and those creative (although very wrong) answers deserve a creative response. These teachers have gone above and beyond when it comes to marking.

We think they leave little sassy comments to entertain themselves as much as the students. Marking hundreds of papers can get pretty tedious, so teachers have to do something to make all that marking a little bit more enjoyable. Keep reading to see some of the cleverest comments that teachers left on their students’ tests.

A Meme For Every Occasion

Photo Credit: iNTact_wf/reddit
Photo Credit: iNTact_wf/reddit

However you feel about teachers trying to be cool be appropriating meme culture, you have to admit that the face on that figure is exceptionally well-drawn. I mean, do you think he traced that thing or what?

I hope this student learned his lesson: if you want your teacher to leave funny comments and drawing on your paper, never write concluding paragraphs. Ok, so maybe that’s not the lesson. It’s probably something like “always read the instructions on the assignment.”