These Beautiful Triplets Took A DNA Test, Turns Out They’re 100% In Total Shock

Incredible | 9/27/19

Most identical triplets live interesting lives. Imagine growing up with two other people who look exactly like you and share your birthday. The Dahm Triplets have certainly lived interesting lives. These girls grew up to be stunning young women who would go on to do amazing things in the world.

When they were adults, they decided to take a DNA test to see how alike they really were (and to learn more about their family history). What they learned from that DNA test completely shocked all three of them.

The Day The World Met The Dahm Triplets


In December of 1977, the world met the Dahm triplets— three identical girls named Nicole, Erica, and Jaclyn. The triplets’ parents were initially quite worried when they learned that they were going to have three new babies to take care of, plus multiple births can have pretty serious complications.

Luckily for the Dahm family, the triplets were born happy and healthy. As they got older, it became clear to everybody around them that these girls definitely weren’t lacking in the looks department.