This Husband Left His Family Without A Trace, But His Wife Finally Found Out What Happened 23 Years Later

Incredible | 9/25/19

From the outside, married couple Linda Iseler and Richard Hoagland seemed to have a perfect life. They had two happy, healthy sons and they lived quite comfortably. In 1993, Richard disappeared without a trace. Linda and her two sons were left with no source of income. They had to find for themselves. The police suspected that Linda may have had something to do with Richard’s disappearance, even though she and her sons were worse of now that he was gone.

Linda and her family lived in a constant state of anxiety, confusion, and distress until 23 years later when the mystery of what happened to Richard was finally solved.

Their Life Seemed Completely Normal


Linda and Richard had a normal, middle-class American family. The couple lived in Indianapolis, Indiana. Their two sons, Matthew and Douglas, were born in Indianapolis and the family lived a comfortable life. Occasionally, Linda and Richard would argue, as most couples do, but these arguments never got heated or too intense.

The year that Matthew turned nine and Douglas turned six, a dark family secret came to light. Richard Hoagland was definitely hiding something big.