This Overweight TLC Personality Lost 420 Pounds And Now She Looks Amazing

Incredible | 6/19/20

Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It requires an entire lifestyle change and a mental shift that isn’t easy to achieve. We commend anybody who puts in the hard work to get healthy, exercise, and change their eating habits.

One TLC star did just that. Her name is Amber Rachdi and she was 23 years old when she started her weight loss journey. Initially, Amber weighed in at more than 650 pounds. She was barely able to stand up, let alone lead a normal life. Amber decided to make a change, and with the help and support of medical professionals, she was able to lose over 400 pounds.

Amber Knew She Needed Help When The Scale Hit 657 Pounds

Amber is interviewed while sitting on the couch in her home.

This is a photo of Amber at her heaviest. In this photo, she’s about 600 pounds. She had had just about enough of living her life this way, so she decided to appear on the TLC show My 600 Pound Life. Amber had been overweight her whole life. She knew the journey ahead of her would be difficult, but she was up for the challenge.

In the end, she was so happy that she decided to make the leap and change her life.