Think It Will Fly? The Absolute Worst Planes And Helicopters That Have Ever Been Designed

Incredible | 9/6/19

Planes have obviously come a long way since the Wright brothers first took flight. New innovations to flight coming about each year, making it safer and more efficient. At the same time, some have tried to “perfect” the process of flying, and have failed miserably.

A number of designs before the Wright Brothers were laughable, but so too were designs constructed by militaries from around the world during the height of the Cold War. The faulty designs aren’t just limited to olden days — some are more modern than you think! Here’s a list of flying machines that never quite lived up to their names…

The Fisher P-75 Eagle Didn’t Live Up To Its Name

side and behind shot of fisher p-75
Lewis Adams/Pinterest
Lewis Adams/Pinterest

There were huge hopes for the Fisher P-75 Eagle. The “75” part of the name for the plane was inspired by an aircraft that flew during World War I in France, which allowed it to shoot a 75-mm gun. And Eagle, well, what’s more American than that? Put them together, and it’s easy to see why this plane design was generating high expectations.

The flight aspect of the plane wasn’t so much of a hit. The idea seemed to make sense: the plane itself borrowed other designs from several types of planes, so in theory it should take each of those best aspects and fly even better. But the engine didn’t have the horsepower necessary to get the plane flying remarkably well, and other performance factors demonstrated the Fisher P-75 Eagle was lackluster, at best.