Find Out Which Fast Food Restaurants Are The Most Hated

Trending | 6/12/20

Fast food saw a rise in popularity in the 1950s, and since then, fast food restaurants have been an American staple. For a while, consumers were happy to pick up a filling and delicious burger from McDonald’s on their way home from work. They had no problem feeding their families a bucket of chicken from KFC.

Times are changing, though. Trends are moving towards quality, healthy, fresh food. A lot of fast food restaurants just can’t meet those demands. A Consumer Picks survey tallied up consumer scores of the most popular restaurants in America based on customer loyalty. Keep reading to find out which restaurants got the lowest scores.


Danijel James/Flickr
Danijel James/Flickr

While Wendy’s might have a plethora of treats that can be alluring, the numbers don’t reciprocate that. Many still remember the live mouse found in a bag of burger buns in 2018. And you can’t forget about that “finger in chili” crisis from 2005.

It’s like the only thing they have going for them are their spicy chicken nuggets, but they always pick and choose when they have them available. Customer do appreciate that their patties are “fresh and never frozen,” though.