Do You Believe These ‘Facts’ That Are Actually Not True?

Trending | 8/7/19

Sorry to break the news to you but you’ve been lied to. Your teachers, friends, family members, they’ve all been steering you in the wrong direction. Maybe not in general but definitely when it comes to some common “facts” that are actually false. From historical events that never actually happened to common knowledge that turned out to be false, these “facts” are nothing more than fiction.

Viking Helmets With Horns Are Not Historically Accurate

Viking Helmet with Horns - 1036492226
Carsten Rehder/picture alliance via Getty Images
Carsten Rehder/picture alliance via Getty Images

Sure, Vikings running around in horned helmets makes for some great moments in movies but there’s absolutely no verifiable truth to this highly touted “fact.” The National Museum of Denmark notes that only one fully intact viking helmet has ever been found and there were absolutely no horns.

The museum also points out that other helmets also never featured signs of attached horns, although some did have raised eyebrows which helped protect a vikings face during battle. Mind officially blown.